NED.& INT. Kamp.

Rudolph Red Nose

Off Daikini





CH. Kilacabar Cabinboy at Bullyvark

CH.Ghabar Flagship

Joan la Pucelle

Tonbet White Wonder of Kilacabar

CH.Ghabar Flagship

 Dancing Donna of Winton

Kiaya First love

Of Pretty Pinks

CH.Didimos Backcorner Black Boy

CH.Polytelis Silver Convetion

Didimos v.zur Wenzelen

Joek of Brutish-Grace



Cuddle N Kisses

Of the Sunny Dogs

Jessys Loverboy

Of the Sunny Dogs

CH.Chakoriki Sil the Bigwig

CH.Didimos Backcorner Black Boy

Dewi Chacoriki

Jumping Jessy of the Sunny Dogs

CH.Jumping Jack von der Aalten Veste

Toyana off Bhoerhan


Check it Out

CH. Crossguns Checkmate of Bullyview

CH. Megavar Moderator

Mirror Image of Crossguns

Spindrifts Good Girl

CH.Megavar Moderator

Boomerang Bully of Koojandra

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