Nebari Ten To Midnight

CH. Bob of Serious Desire

Kearby,s Xantus

Honeylyn Baron Growser

Kearby,s Carthoginian

CH.Quicksilver Jodi of Serious Desire

Skylark,s Noble Kaiser

Whitney of Serious Desire

Nebari Go For The Gusto

The Beloved Emperor of Pretty Pinks

CH. Gentle Law Man of Kilacabar

The Black Love of Pretty Pinks

Nebari Lemon Juice

CH. Hamanos Archilocheion

Nebari Ofiller

Daisy v.ít Bruchterveld

CH. White Lightning Off Daikini

Didimos Black Cracker Lad

CH. Didimos Blackcorner Black Boy

Didimos Carmencita

CH. White Ivory Off Daikini

Butch Off-Bhoerhan

Merlindan Lavinia

Rydaman Amber Queen

CH. Buckerills Blackmailed By Midline

CH. Arbor eyejacked By Midline

Virards Grazy For You

CH. Callender Girl

CH. Kilacabar Stand And Deliver

Staray,s Blue Savannah of Kilacabar


Born: 25-08-2006